The regenerative feedstuff preparation technology of kitchen castoff

The regenerative feedstuff preparation technology of kitchen castoff

  • CN 100,563,458 C
  • Filed: 12/27/2002
  • Issued: 12/02/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/27/2002
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1. the regenerative feedstuff preparation technology of a kitchen castoff, it comprises the reception of kitchen castoff, the technologies such as conveying, letter sorting dehydration, pulverizing, sterilization, drying and granulation of inter process, it is characterized in that this preparation technology carries out as follows:

  • (1) with water content mean value is 85% kitchen castoff raw material, is transported to the scene, by snap joint, by spiral underflow pump input feed bin by the pot type transport vehicle;

    (2) material is delivered to the belt dewatering in vacuum press filter by the feed bin discharging opening by drag conveyor, the material moisture after the dehydration≤


    (3) material after the dehydration is carried by rubber conveyer, carries out the manual sorting in course of conveying, and removes foreign material by the iron removal by magnetic separation device;

    (4) material after the letter sorting directly enters the one-level pulverizer that has hammering and shear dual pulverizing function by rubber conveyer, material is crushed to≤

    the 5mm granularity;

    (5) material after will pulverizing by conveying worm is sent into the far infrared drying machine, by the distribution device of dryer with material equably cloth be placed on and carry out high-temperature sterilization, sterilization and oven dry on the dryer conveyer belt, material stirs oven dry continuously on conveyer belt;

    (6) material after the oven dry enters secondary breaker through conveying worm, and feed granules degree after crushed is≤


    (7) then according to the special feed of different animals taste and nutritional requirement preparation pet or other livestock and poultry, carry out granulation or expanded;

    (8) pack at last, weighing and packing, the water content of finished product feedstuff is 8%~

    14%, is convenient to store, transports and feeds.

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