Transmission mechanism suitable for dual-convolution type paint mixer

Transmission mechanism suitable for dual-convolution type paint mixer

  • CN 100,584,439 C
  • Filed: 03/27/2008
  • Issued: 01/27/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/27/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. , a kind of transmission mechanism that is applicable to dual-convolution type paint mixer, it comprises rotary main shaft (9), be installed on and compress main shaft (8) in the rotary main shaft (9), be fixed on rotary main shaft (9) front end guide rail bracket (6), be arranged on the guide rail bracket (6) and can along its up and down move toward one another upper branch arm (3), lower branch arm (4) and be installed in upper branch arm (3) and lower branch arm (4) on and rotatablely go up platen (1), descend platen (2);

  • Rotary main shaft (9) can drive the axis rotation of whole guide rail bracket (6) along rotary main shaft (9), and can be simultaneously by platen (1) on the transmission system drives around self axis rotation, it is characterized in that;

    rotary main shaft (9) and the rotation that compresses main shaft (8) by same driving wheel (16) by same driven by motor, the rear end that compresses main shaft (8) directly links together with driving wheel (16), and rotary main shaft (9) is controlled by an electromagnetic clutch device and driven by driving wheel (16);

    Described electromagnetic clutch device is from left to right successively by the platen (24), centering disk (23), the friction catch disc (22) that are installed on the rotary main shaft (9), armature disc (21), elasticity hold out against part (29), electromagnetic disc (31), dynamic friction dish (19), Moving plate (18) concentric fits composition, Moving plate (18) links to each other with driving wheel (16), follow closely (32) cross-under by one group of axial position pin between driving wheel (16) and the Moving plate (18), guarantee the synchronous rotation of Moving plate (18) and driving wheel (16), but Moving plate (18) can move on a small quantity in pin (32) upper edge main-shaft axis direction;

    Described electromagnetic disc (31) is fixed by fixed mount (39) and cabinet, and solenoid (20) is housed in the electromagnetic disc (31);

    Electromagnetic disc (31) is sleeved on the rotary main shaft (9) by bearing, hollow shaft (26), flat key.

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