• CN 101,002,048 B
  • Filed: 11/25/2004
  • Issued: 06/16/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/11/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. connector, it comprises the inserting member (3) that disposes retaining ring (2), comprise that also one is used to receive the receiving element (1) of described inserting member (3), comprise that also one has two support arms (11,12) and the fixed block (10) of a retaining part (14), wherein, described fixed block (10) can be inserted in the receiving area (7) of described receiving element (1) and can and advance the direction of insertion vertical movement of the inserting member (3) between the position along expanding location, wherein said receiving element (1) and fixed block (10) comprise a blocking device, under described inserting member (3) correctly is not inserted into situation in the described receiving element (1), the parts that are configured in the described blocking device on described receiving element (1) and the described fixed block (10) intermesh in a specific mode each other, thereby can prevent that fixed block (10) from moving to described propelling position from described expanding location, it is characterized in that:

  • the parts of the block assembly that is configured on receiving element (1) are bridge shape parts (15), it is boundary with the receiving area (7) at afterbody and laterally expands along direction of insertion, and another parts of described blocking device are the described support arms (11 by described fixed block (10),

         12) free end (16,17) form, described bridge shape part (15) has a width greater than the distance between the described support arm (11,12) at the expanding location of described fixed block (10);

    Described bridge shape part (15) also comprises the interior wall (18) that tilts with respect to fixed block (10) movement direction, when described fixed block (10) by the application of force from described expanding location when advancing the position to move, described interior wall (18) moves inward support arm (11,12);

    And be in described support arm (11 owing to work as described retaining ring (2),

         12) in the time of in the space, described support arm (11,12) separately space is enough to make the described free end (16 of bridge shape part (15) and described support arm,

         17) device between is thrown off and described fixed block (10) can be manoeuvred into described propelling position, and described retaining part (14) meshes in retaining ring (2) back.

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