Door lock device and assembling method thereof

Door lock device and assembling method thereof

  • CN 101,008,298 B
  • Filed: 01/19/2007
  • Issued: 11/14/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/25/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. door lock assembly contains ratchet and ratchet in a face is the resettlement section of opening, with the state of clamping resettlement section at the cover plate of the said resettlement section of sealing opening and between near the base plate of another face of resettlement section;

  • Run through and be used to the ratchet axis of rotation that supports the ratchet axis of rotation of ratchet and be used to support ratchet;

    And the position in the outside of base plate will be supported on the ratchet axis of rotation with the pawl bar of ratchet unitary rotation;

    It is characterized in thatSaid ratchet axis of rotation comprises;

    by the top of rivet clasp at cover plate;

    In one side of the cardinal extremity with anti-avulsion flange part, rotatably support the first step portion of said pawl bar;

    And on the top of this first step portion one side;

    Be used to hold the second step portion of base plate thickness, with the pawl bar sleeve in said first step portion, and with the base plate sleeve in said second step portion;

    Under this state, said second step portion is carried out rivet clasp with respect to base plate.

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