Method for measurement of oil gas well bore track

Method for measurement of oil gas well bore track

  • CN 101,012,745 B
  • Filed: 02/07/2007
  • Issued: 05/23/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/07/2007
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1. the measuring method of an oil gas well bore track is characterized in that may further comprise the steps:

  • (1) sets up the error model of gyro, accelerometer respectively, and on turntable, carry out the multiposition calibration experiment, draw the parameter of error model;

    Different according to gyro and accelerometer adopt six location methods, two X position methods or 24 location methods to calibrate the parameter of gyro, accelerometer error model on turntable, are used to compensate the measured value of gyro, accelerometer;

    (2) take segmentation to calculate the method for well mark, promptly being divided into cable with l is some computation intervals of unit, in the l interval, carries out inertial reference calculation, draws on the well mark every three-dimensional well mark coordinate (x i, y i, z i), and calculate cable length increment l '"'"' in real time, when institute'"'"'s payout physical length increment is l, carried out for (3) step;

    (3) the cable length increment l '"'"' that is calculated by inertial navigation utilizes filtering technique to carry out data fusion with l, estimates gyro, accelerometer constant error and well mark error of coordinate;

    (4) utilize the gyro, accelerometer constant error and the well mark error of coordinate that estimate to revise the well mark coordinate that calculates by inertial navigation, the measured value of output well mark coordinate;

    (5) repeat (2) to (4) step, finish up to measuring.

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