Concentric internal combustion rotary engine

Concentric internal combustion rotary engine

  • CN 101,014,758 B
  • Filed: 07/14/2005
  • Issued: 01/04/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/14/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. rotor internal-combustion engine comprises:

  • Oval-shaped substantially shell, this shell have about the internal surface of the basic symmetry of the minor axis center line of said shell, are arranged in the inlet on the side of minor axis center line of said shell and are arranged in the outlet on the opposite side of minor axis center line of said shell;

    Internal surface about said shell is installed in the rotor assembly in the said shell concentrically, and the rotation axis of this rotor assembly is basically perpendicular to the minor axis center line of said shell and the major axis center line of said shell, and said rotor assembly comprises;

    Rotating rotor, said rotor comprise rotor shaft, circumferential surface and center on a plurality of caves of the circumferential registration of said rotor that the center of each in said a plurality of caves all is positioned to equate basically with the distance of said centre of rotor;

    Rotating ellipsoid;

    Said ellipsoid has outer surface;

    And be arranged in each of said a plurality of caves, each ellipsoid all is installed on the said rotor, so that make said ellipsoidal rotation axis be centrally located at the center in said cave;

    Each rotating ellipsoid all has the live axle that is connected to the ellipsoid driving mechanism;

    This ellipsoid driving mechanism comprises planetary pinion that is connected to said ellipsoidal live axle and the sun gear that engages with the said planetary pinion of installing with one heart around said rotor shaft, and the rotation that said ellipsoid driving mechanism makes said ellipsoid rotate around it axis and said rotor is rotated accordingly, wherein;

    When said ellipsoid during around its rotational;

    Said ellipsoidal outer surface engages the internal surface of said shell, and said ellipsoidal outer surface engages the surface that said ellipsoidal corresponding cave is installed near the part along the summit of each ellipsoidal major axis, andWherein, When said rotor turns over a commentaries on classics concentrically in said shell;

    Each ellipsoid turns over two commentaries on classics accordingly around its axis;

    And internal surface and the said cave of said ellipsoid through during turning engaging said shell, cause that first of volumetric displacement in the air inlet zone increases, the volumetric displacement in first the reducing of the correspondence of the volumetric displacement in the constricted zone, power stroke zone second increase and exhaust gas region in second the reducing of correspondence of volumetric displacement.

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