Systems and methods for dehumidification

Systems and methods for dehumidification

  • CN 101,014,807 B
  • Filed: 07/12/2005
  • Issued: 08/29/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/14/2004
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1. a liquid desiccant regenerator system (2), it comprises:

  • Desiccant/air heat exchangers (12) and desiccant container (16) with first desiccant inlet (34);

    Said desiccant container has first drier outlet (8) that is used to derive the concentrated liquid drier, second desiccant inlet (6) that is used to derive second drier outlet of concentrated liquid drier and is used to receive the diluent liquid drier;

    Said first desiccant inlet and the outlet of said second drier are connected with the heater (22) that is used for applying heat to said concentrated liquid drier;

    Said second desiccant inlet imports said desiccant container (16) with the diluent liquid drier;

    AndSaid liquid desiccant regenerator system also comprises the pump (52) that is connected between said second drier outlet and the said heater (22);

    Said pump is used for from said desiccant container (16) to said heater (22) pumping concentrated liquid drier, and makes the concentrated liquid drier after being heated turn back to said first desiccant inlet (34) from said heater (22);

    It is characterized in that;

    said second desiccant inlet (6) and said first drier export (8) and all are connected with the drier/desiccant heat exchanger (10) that is used for heat is imposed on the diluent liquid drier that flows into said desiccant container,Desiccant/air heat exchangers (12) all contacts with air with desiccant container (16);

    Desiccant regenerator (4) makes via second desiccant inlet (6) and flows into the diluted desiccant of desiccant regenerator (4) and carry out heat exchange via the concentrate drying agent that first drier outlet (8) is discharged from desiccant regenerator (4)Compare with the temperature of diluted desiccant, the temperature of concentrate drying agent is high, thereby heat is incorporated into a vapour condenser (44) from desiccant regenerator (4), andSaid heat promotes the temperature of diluted desiccant, and said diluted desiccant is heavy as steam.

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