Electrochemical cell and method of making an electrochemical cell

Electrochemical cell and method of making an electrochemical cell

  • CN 101,014,851 A
  • Filed: 05/20/2005
  • Published: 08/08/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/21/2004
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the production method of an electrochemical cell, wherein this electrochemical cell comprises relative first and second electrodes that separated by the resistance thin plate, wherein this method comprises the steps:

  • (a) in the resistance thin plate, form first constrained port, thereby form punching resistance thin plate;

    (b) this punching resistance thin plate is adhered on first conductive plate, thereby formation composite plate, the first conductive surface part of wherein exposing first conductive plate by first constrained port, and or by second constrained port in this resistance thin plate, perhaps expose the second conductive surface part of this conductive plate with the extension that exceeds this resistance thin plate edge;

    (c) the resistance thin plate by this composite plate and first conductive plate are towards the breach hole, wherein this breach hole intersects with first constrained port in this resistance thin plate, thereby first constrained port is transformed into breach in this resistance thin plate, and dash the first contact area hole by visible conductive plate second exposed portions serve, form first and electrically contact, thereby constitute the punching composite sheet;

    (d) with one or more puncher with the second conductive plate punching, constitute a kind of conductive plate, it has the breach hole corresponding to punching composite sheet breach hole, and second contact area in second conductive plate, thereby constitutes the electrode of opposite thin plate;

    (e) this comparative electrode thin plate is adhered on the resistance sheet section of punching composite sheet, and this punching composite sheet has towards the conductive surface of this resistance thin plate, described comparative electrode thin plate so adheres to, so that allow breach hole corresponding to breach hole in this composite plate be aligned in breach hole in this composite plate, and allow second contact area aim at second constrained port, thereby constitute the galvanochemistry thin plate, and(f) separate the galvanochemistry thin plate, thereby constitute useless galvanochemistry thin plate and empty electrochemical cell, it has the sample space of accepting sample, this sample space is to be determined by first and second conductive plates and the breach in this resistance thin plate, first and second contact areas that contact with the first and second conductive plate electrode partially conductives that expose in sample space in addition are used for being connected of described first and second electrodes part and instrument.

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