Chain transmission

Chain transmission

  • CN 101,023,283 B
  • Filed: 05/27/2005
  • Issued: 05/02/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/26/2004
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. chain transmission;

  • Comprise two profile of tooth sprocket wheels, a chain and an Idle wheel;

    Comprise a drive sprocket (1) and a driven sprocket (2) in said two profile of tooth sprocket wheels;

    It is characterized in that;

    the centre of pitch circle of driven sprocket is positioned at outside the incircle of the portion of chain that cooperates with two profile of tooth sprocket wheels;

    Chain (4) is made up of the outer chain link and the inner chain link that alternately are provided with in the longitudinal direction, and each chain link all has pair of parallel and subtriangular carrier bar, and this is connected by two first pins (8) of bottom and one second pin (9) at top carrier bar jointly;

    Distance between the cylinder (10) on two first pins (8) of carrier bar bottom meshes its tooth with drive sprocket (1), and the distance between second cylinder (10) of pinning on (9) at carrier bar top is meshed its tooth with driven sprocket (2).

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