Bicycle saddle

Bicycle saddle

  • CN 101,031,467 A
  • Filed: 07/28/2005
  • Published: 09/05/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/11/2004
  • Status: Active Application
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1. bicycle saddle belongs to and has two types that are equal to part (1,1 '"'"') that vertically go up symmetry, and the front face office in district has a long medial launder (20) therein, and above-mentioned saddle is characterized in that these two are equal to part following component part is arranged:

  • -two aft section (2,2 '"'"'), described two aft section (2,2 '"'"') are by recessed sky (a

         21) combination relatively, and have in combination;

    being used for match is 13 and 14cm with the non-limiting width in saddle one total back, and with saddle one non-limiting width to be arranged be 18-22cm and be used for travelling;

    The rear portion of above-mentioned part is about 10 °

    -20 °

    towards the last direction non-limiting angle that tilts, and the part of the recessed sky in the most approaching centre (2 ";

    2 

    ) be smooth basically; and

    a total non-limiting width is arranged is about 7cm;

    then side (2 " ";

    2 " 

    ) going up with respect to the perpendicular line angle that tilts is about 45 °

    -60 °

    , it is also foreseen that, at their place, differential gap, back, partly (2,2 '"'"') a kind of structure that is similar to groove (3) is arranged, its two ends (5,5 '"'"') relative non-limiting distance is set and is about 2-3cm, above-mentioned groove is that the aft section from recessed sky (21) begins to be shaped basically, and the aft section of described recessed sky (21) is as the binding member between two parts (2,2 '"'"'), and it is that the about 4-6cm and the degree of depth are about 1.5cm that a length is arranged-two previous sections (7 ";

    7 


    aft section (2 ", 2 

    ) by slight bevelled junction be incorporated into above-mentioned previous section (7 ";

    7 

    ) on;

    locate in this previous section (7 ", 7 

    ), it is 6-8cm that saddle will narrow to a non-limiting width, previous section (7 ";

    7 

    ) to be used for racer be about 5 °

    towards the last direction non-limiting angle that tilts, and is about 10 °

    -20 °

    with bicycle towards the last direction non-limiting angle that tilts and be used for travelling, and previous section (7 ", 7 

    ) till will approaching to when reaching the phase mutual edge distance toward each other for about 4-3.5cm, can predict, in these zones, saddle is downward-sloping with vertical mode at the place, both sides;

    Two segmentations (9 of front end, 9 '"'"') becoming olecranon to be configured to match is 30 °

    or 45 °

    with the saddle non-limiting angle that tilts towards the below, is 75 ° and

    be used for travelling with the saddle non-limiting angle that tilts, reach front end place at saddle, above-mentioned segmentation is combined into the semicircular in shape of a diameter for about 3.5-4cm basically, it is also foreseen that, the medial launder (20) that begins from the inside part of recessed sky (21) has a zone, described zone is at its interior section place broad, be used to travel and become diameter to be about the semicircular in shape of 4-5cm with saddle, to ride with the saddle diameter be 3.5cm and be used for the sparetime, be about 3cm with being used for competing with the saddle diameter, and the narrower part of an about 2.5cm is towards the front end of point (8,8 '"'"') up to the saddle tip.

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