Screen printing device

Screen printing device

  • CN 101,032,880 B
  • Filed: 03/05/2007
  • Issued: 11/21/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/10/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. screen printing apparatus is characterized in that:

  • Under the overlapping state of substrate and matte, make the surperficial butt of scraper plate and matte, and move back and forth, thus the paste on the matte is transferred on the substrate;

    This screen printing apparatus comprises;

    Scraper component keeps above-mentioned scraper plate with the state that can adjust the above-mentioned scraper plate angle of attack surperficial with respect to above-mentioned matte, and makes this scraper plate can carry out relative moving back and forth with respect to above-mentioned matte;

    Control device is set to predetermined angular with the above-mentioned angle of attack, controls printing operation with this;

    AndClearing apparatus is used to remove the paste that is adhered on the matte after the printing;

    Above-mentioned control device comprises;

    Drive controlling is carried out to above-mentioned scraper component in angle of attack configuration part, so that the above-mentioned angle of attack is set at predetermined angular;

    AndStorage part stores the initial print angle of the transfer printing amount of common printing angle and paste greater than the transfer printing amount of common printing angle;

    Above-mentioned control device is counted printed substrate number after having cleaned matte at said clearing apparatus;

    After above-mentioned clearing apparatus has cleaned matte;

    By above-mentioned angle of attack configuration part the above-mentioned angle of attack is set at above-mentioned initial print angle from above-mentioned common printing angle, when the aforesaid substrate number that counts to get operates setting value greater than initial print, makes the above-mentioned angle of attack be back to above-mentioned common printing angle.

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