Methods and apparatus for removing solids from a membrane module

Methods and apparatus for removing solids from a membrane module

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  • Filed: 09/13/2005
  • Issued: 10/08/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/14/2004
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1. one kind is cleaned the method for membrane filtration module, described membrane filtration module comprise one or more in feed liquor container and between the upper header of vertical spacing and lower header film extending longitudinally, film end portion encloses is in described collector, described film has the permeable wall that carries out filter operation, the feed liquor that wherein holds refuse is applied to a side of membrane wall, and filtrate is flowed out from the opposite side of membrane wall, described lower header has one or more openings that are positioned at wherein, the described opening collection chamber fluid open with lower end is communicated with, described collection chamber is connected with a source of the gas, described method comprises:

  • A) carry out filter operation, wherein, described feed liquor flows through described collection chamber and described one or more opening at least in part, in order to impose on described membrane wall;

    B) suspend described filter operation;

    C) membrane wall is carried out to cleaning treatment, thereby refuse is scavenged in this film liquid around from this membrane wall, described cleaning treatment comprises introduces described collection chamber by gas from source of the gas, and by described opening, gas is introduced to described membrane filtration module, thereby produce the bubble for scrub membranes surface;

    D) carry out cleaning or the discharge of the feed liquor container that is roughly parallel to film extending longitudinally, thereby make to hold the liquid that is removed refuse at least in part by the opening in described lower header and the discharge of described collection chamber;

    WithE) restart filter operation.

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