Method for separating purifying polyatomic alcohol

Method for separating purifying polyatomic alcohol

  • CN 101,041,613 A
  • Filed: 01/19/2007
  • Published: 09/26/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/19/2007
  • Status: Active Application
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1. , a kind of method that is prepared separation and purification lower polyol in the fermented liquid of polyvalent alcohol or the reaction solution continuously by fermentation method or chemical synthesis is characterized in that said method comprises the steps:

  • (1) fermented liquid or the reaction solution that at first will contain lower polyol places the reaction, extraction device, and its pH value transferred to 1~

    5, in this reaction, extraction device, add reagent and extraction agent then, at 10 ℃

    60 ℃

    two-phase things that must form by organic phase and water of reaction 10 minutes~

    3 hours down;

    (2) enter rectifying tower by the organic phase of step (1) gained and separate, the cat head fraction of rectifying tower enters the extraction agent rectifying tower to be separated again, and the cat head of extraction agent rectifying tower and tower stilling part is reagent and extraction agent respectively, can be recycled;

    Tower stilling part of rectifying tower is placed hydrolysis reactor, under the condition that strongly acidic ion-exchange resin catalyst exists, reaction is hydrolyzed, the mol ratio of the product of water and lower polyol and reaction reaction is (1~



    150 ℃

    of hydrolysis temperatures, reagent is derived from hydrolysis reactor top, returns in the reaction, extraction device to recycle;

    Hydrolysate gets product after rectifying separation;


    the fermented liquid that contains lower polyol needs before separation and purification through removing the pre-treatment of thalline;

    Said lower polyol is C 2

    C 6Binary or trivalent alcohol, or its mixture;

    Said reagent is C 1

    C 6Alkanoic;

    Said extraction agent is five yuan or hexavalent cycloaliphatic ring alkane, or by C 1

    C 6Five yuan or hexavalent cycloaliphatic ring alkane that alkyl replaces.

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