Drum type washing machine

Drum type washing machine

  • CN 101,046,046 B
  • Filed: 03/29/2007
  • Issued: 05/13/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/29/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a tumbling-box washing machine, comprising:

  • Housing, it forms the external form of this tumbling-box washing machine;

    Steel ladle, it is fixed in this housing, and this steel ladle has the clothing loading port being positioned at this steel ladle periphery;

    Cylinder, it is arranged in this steel ladle rotationally, and this cylinder has the opening be positioned on the side of this cylinder, to be communicated with the clothing loading port of this steel ladle;

    Motor sub-assembly, the side of its this cylinder contiguous is arranged to rotate this cylinder, and comprises the axle being connected to described cylinder, the bearing housing of this axle of rotatably support and the motor for making this axle rotate;

    AndMounting assembly, it is arranged to support the weight of this cylinder and weakens the vibration of this cylinder,Wherein, this cylinder passes through this axle by this bearing housing rotatably support in side, and in relative side without supporting, this bearing housing is supported by this mounting assembly,Wherein, described mounting assembly comprises;

    At least two main shock absorber brackers, described main shock absorber bracker extends to the outside of the periphery of this steel ladle along diametric(al) each lower side from this bearing housing towards steel ladle of this steel ladle, and the front side then towards this steel ladle extends specific length;

    At least two main dampers, described main damper is vertically arranged on the pedestal of this housing, to be connected to described main shock absorber bracker;

    AndSecondary damper, described secondary damper along the longitudinal direction or left and right directions be set to the pedestal of this housing obliquely, to be connected to described main shock absorber bracker;

    Wherein, the weight of cylinder described in described main shock absorber bearing also weakens the vertical vibrating of this cylinder, and described secondary damper weakens the horizontal vibration of this cylinder, and wherein this mounting assembly also comprises;

    the rear shock absorber below the rear side being positioned at this cylinder;

    And rear shock absorber bracket, it is configured to the central authorities of the lower, outer perimeter extending to this steel ladle from this bearing housing, to be connected to this rear shock absorber.

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