Method for expanding tobacco stem

Method for expanding tobacco stem

  • CN 101,049,182 B
  • Filed: 05/18/2007
  • Issued: 08/15/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/18/2007
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1. a method for expanding cabo is characterized in that tobacco stalk raw material is cut, sieves, and divides and elects the long offal bar of 2cm-4cm, offal label or other form offals material to be processed as;

  • With offal material humidification to be processed, let its moisture remain on the 10-14% scope, put in the special-purpose cabo expansion equipment;

    Feeding temperature is 300-400 ℃

    of superheated steam;

    Let the interior pressure of cabo expansion equipment remain on the 13-14 kilogram and carry out the cabo expansion processing, obtaining appearance is the block thick product of cabo expansion, after sorting again, the fragmentation;

    The water content of moisture regain to 12%, packed for standby use;

    Described special-purpose cabo expansion equipment is by motor and reductor (1);

    Transmission device (2);

    Feed arrangement (3);

    Machine angle (4);

    Heater (5);

    Screw rod (6);

    Head (7), pore (8);

    Support (9), electric control gear (10) are formed, and screw rod (6) is contained in head (7) internal cavities of support (9) top, and screw rod (6) one ends and transmission device (2) join;

    The other end of screw rod (6) meet sb. at the airport the head (7) discharging opening;

    Head (7) outer wall has heater (5) and has pore (8), and motor and reductor (1) are connected with transmission device (2), communicates in feed arrangement (3) and head (7) internal cavities;

    Be positioned at screw rod (6) one ends tops, electric control gear (10) joins through lead and motor and reductor (1) and heater (5).

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