Battery charger

Battery charger

  • CN 101,060,184 A
  • Filed: 04/19/2007
  • Published: 10/24/2007
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/19/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. charger that is used to charge the battery, described charger comprises:

  • Be used to hold the battery storage chamber of described battery;

    Described battery chamber along the opening that forms on first end of depth direction, described battery is connected to described battery storage chamber by described opening and breaks away from it;

    The battery side terminal that the charger side terminal that is provided with on described battery storage chamber, described charger side terminal are connected to the battery that is stored in the described battery storage chamber reaches and its disconnection;

    AndConnect and releasing mechanism, described connection and releasing mechanism constitute in battery storage and prevent that battery from moving towards described opening when indoor and battery side terminal is connected with the charger side terminal in battery storage, and constitute by removing being connected and ejecting second end along depth direction of described battery from described opening between battery side terminal and the charger side terminalWherein said connection and releasing mechanism comprise;

    Be arranged on the press operation parts on the opening;

    Locking mechanism, described locking mechanism constitute when the battery side terminal is connected with the charger side terminal by preventing that with battery engagement battery from moving towards opening, and constitute when press operation parts pressurized and battery is disengaged;

    Releasing parts, thus described releasing parts constitute move with the press operation of press operation parts relatedly and with battery engagement towards the opening mobile battery, and constitute and remove being connected of described battery side terminal and described charger side terminal;

    AndEject spring, make described battery move and eject described battery by described opening towards described opening thereby described ejection spring constitutes when described battery side terminal is not connected with described charger side terminal the described battery of percussion.

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