For optimal pricing and the method and system of distribution

For optimal pricing and the method and system of distribution

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  • Filed: 03/04/2005
  • Issued: 09/22/2017
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1. a kind of use system for computer for being used to issue multiple units, it includes:

  • Database, the purpose for preserving multiple purchase units represents that each purpose represents to include to one or moreThe request of the element number of price;


    (a) database is suitable to set one or more of prices, and one or more of prices are determined to be in describedThe function that the multiple purposes preserved in database are represented;

    The function is to represent to average with the purpose of receiving, or adjustment instituteState the value of average value acquisition;

    (b) database is suitable to be effectively connected to multiple participant'"'"'s modules, and each participant'"'"'s module is suitable to buy from multiple expectionsCorresponding one of side receives the purpose and represented, participant'"'"'s module is suitable to input at least one intention list by expected buyerShow, at least one purpose inputted represents to be stored in the database, and each participant'"'"'s module is suitable to display instituteMultiple purposes are stated to represent and one or more of prices;

    (c) database is suitable to represent and one or more of valencys to the purpose that participant'"'"'s module provides receivingPosition, to be shown to the multiple expected buyer;

    And(d) database is suitable to recalculate and set with interval time in refresh process the institute preserved in the databaseState multiple purposes represent with one or more of prices, to be shown again by participant'"'"'s module;

    It also has, Wan WeiNet service module handles process and data transfer to and from host computer system by service and connector registration;

    All host processes for being used to setting up and managing bid stream of bid flow database resume module;

    Registering modules store and manage instituteThere is the letter related to specific participant, specific bid stream and specific publisher group/seller required for system, and operationBreath;

    The applicability that transaction data library module allows the system to be met according to it requires that the multiple bid streams of management and screen are joinedWith person'"'"'s access request;

    Appointment right calculator modules, it is interacted with participant, according to the investment of the participant/purchase strategy, isThe one or more reserve requests of calculating are allocated at certain price/earning rate and number combinations;

    Event monitor module monitorsBid stream sets up behavior, to enable system user and application program to configure rule-based " triggering " or based on beyond specificThe notice and message engine module that the measurement of threshold value is distributed are used for configuring and the messenger service in operating system, and go toWith the messenger service from the system;

    The expression includes the expression of the result based on game theory situation;

    Wherein described bidStream is represented with the figure horizontally and/or vertically organized, and each appointment right for representing stream of bidding, rectangular field edge are represented with rectangleThe trunnion axis for figure represents the quantity for the bid module unit preengage, and price or earning rate are shown along the longitudinal axis;

    Participant'"'"'s module includes participant and system interaction, and system access, the request of progress appointment right, configuration participant showAnd other preferences, check appointment right request and covering necessary to feature, it utilizes standard software by Web-browserTechnology realizes that it is connected to host computer system by internet network agreement and security protocol;

    The system also includes applicability module, and the member of publisher group, which is entered and managed using the applicability module, to be participated inPerson'"'"'s account data simultaneously sets account to limit, and the system of the specific participant of configuration is used, and this information is stored in Registering modules,Realized by Web-browser using standard software technology, main frame system is connected to by internet network agreement and securitySystem;

    System also includes oversubscription engine, and the engine is used to monitoring and helping the bid flow database, when demand is beyond confessionIn the case of giving, management above quota distribution caching recognizes to exceed the new request that total unit is distributed, and it is typically to be flowed most in bid to cancelThe relatively early appointment right for receiving and preengaging of low price/earning rate point;

    System also includes covering engine, the foundation of the covering engine monitors bid stream, and calculates standard vision information model, instituteState template can be placed on bid stream figure represent, or elsewhere add demand show;

    The covering engine processing comesFrom the special inquiry of system user, with the calculating covering related to specific participant or the covering comprising design and/or emulation.

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