Nonreturn valve for a shock absorber

Nonreturn valve for a shock absorber

  • CN 101,078,424 B
  • Filed: 05/24/2007
  • Issued: 11/28/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/24/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a vibration damper (1), it comprises cylinder body (2), the piston (3) that can in this cylinder body, move and the piston rod (4) that is connected to said piston, wherein said piston rod and cylinder body are provided with the fixing device (5,6) that is used for they are fixed to vehicle;

  • Said piston is divided into two cylinder body chambers (7,8) with said cylinder body, and these two cylinder body chambers are second chamber (8) and first chamber (7) that also limited by said piston rod, and said piston comprises an one-way valve;

    Said one-way valve (10) comprise movably valve plate (11) and with the interactional valve seat of said valve plate (12);

    This one-way valve is embodied as at said one-way valve under the lower flow velocity not closed basically and under a higher flow velocity on two flow directions, the pressure difference that causes by speed difference just make valve plate towards valve seat move and therefore said one-way valve close from the direction that cylinder body shifts out at piston;

    Wherein this valve plate (11) more has flexibility than this valve seat (12), and when piston leaves this cylinder body and moves, compare with the second place (32,33) on the said valve plate (11), and the primary importance (31) on said valve plate (11) has realized more early a closing motion;

    Wherein said valve seat (12) defines a perforate (14);

    The border that it is characterized in that the said perforate (14) of said valve seat all seals in the said primary importance (31) and the said second place (32,33) of said valve plate.

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