Start the method that high-performance carries flow gasification reactor

Start the method that high-performance carries flow gasification reactor

  • CN 101,096,605 B
  • Filed: 10/27/2006
  • Issued: 10/21/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/28/2006
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1. a method for flow gasification reactor is carried for starting the high-performance with the combination burner comprising igniting and ignition burner and pulverised fuel burner,All be furnished with three pulverized fuel supply lines for pulverised fuel burner, the pulverized fuel of desired number is supplied by described three pulverized fuel supply lines,For utilizing oxygenous agent to carry out self-heating partial oxidation to by the pneumatic powdered solid fuel being supplied to combination burner by means of at the temperature of ignition flame under the working pressure up to 100 bar and within the scope of 1200 DEG C-1800 DEG C,Said method comprising the steps of:

  • Fuel gas and oxygenous agent is utilized to light igniting and ignition burner by substoichiometric;

    Make to carry the pressure that flow gasification reactor has the selection up to 100 bar;

    By one or more pulverized fuel supply lines supply fuel gas stream, supplied the part stream of oxygenous agent with substoichiometric ratio by the pulverized fuel supply lines that leads to described pulverised fuel burner;

    And pass through the flame ignition of igniting and ignition burner,The pulverized fuel of partial oxidation and other oxygenous agent is used for described pulverised fuel burner supply by supply lines;

    Thus, described pulverized fuel supply lines once only has a supply lines to be in succession communicated with in the following manner, namely, after supply lines is communicated with, first add the proper flow of the vaporized chemical corresponding with selected λ

    ratio, next fuel circuit is only connected after this;

    The pulverized fuel for partial oxidation is lighted by the flame of pilot burner by the fuel gas flame at pulverised fuel burner place.

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