Nozzle for floor vacuum cleaner

Nozzle for floor vacuum cleaner

  • CN 101,099,648 B
  • Filed: 06/18/2007
  • Issued: 05/01/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/07/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. ozzle that is used for floor vacuum cleaner has:

  • Underframe (1), it comprises that the rear underframe part (2) with at least one roller (3) protrudes out with the pumping direction that is connected so that the front part (4) that is connected with dust collecter (5);

    Dust collecter (5), it is installed on the front part (4), so that can be around level axis (6) motion of verting of verting, and has the pump orifice (8) that is limited by pump orifice leading edge (7) and pump orifice back edge (7 '

    ) on its bottom surface;

    AndSuction tube connector (9), it is arranged on the underframe (1), so that rotatable in fixing rotating range around a horizontally hinged axis (10),Wherein, dust collecter (5) is subjected to the restriction of dust collecter (5) first stop positions around the vert motion that tilts forward of axis (6) of level, the moving restriction that is subjected to dust collecter (5) second stop positions of the transhipment that retreats, it is characterized in that;

    level vert axis (6) and by before the pump orifice and the distance (h1) between the formed zone of back edge (7,7 '

    ) greater than 35 millimeters, the vertical range (h2) between the strong point (13) of horizontally hinged axis (10) and roller (3) at 15mm in the scope of 30mm;

    And, dust collecter (5) verts with respect to rest position at the first stop position and is 15 °

    angle to the maximum, be 10 °

    angle to the maximum and vert with respect to rest position at the second stop position, wherein, on rest position, the pump orifice strong point (13) front and back edge (7,7 '

    ) and roller (3) is arranged in a plane.

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