Connecting rod driven bicycle

Connecting rod driven bicycle

  • CN 101,100,207 B
  • Filed: 05/27/2003
  • Issued: 01/11/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 05/27/2003
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. use the connecting rod bicycle driven for one kind, front-wheel (2) is installed on the front fork of vehicle frame (1), trailing wheel (3) is installed on the back vent of vehicle frame (1);

  • Front-wheel (2) is that steering wheel is connected with handlebar (4);

    Twisting handlebar (4) can drive front-wheel (2) deflection and change sense of motion, and it is characterized in that;

    the identical crank (9) of the wheel shaft two ends a pair of length of parallel installation of trailing wheel (3) is equipped with pedal (10) on the vehicle frame (1);

    One end of drive link (6) is installed seat (12);

    The other end of drive link (6) flexibly connects with movable axis (8) and connecting rod (7), and connecting rod (7) flexibly connects with crank (9), and drive link (6) middle part is hinged and prop certain height with hinge (5) and vehicle frame (1).

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