Hinge-lid pack for rod-shaped smoking articles and blank therefor

Hinge-lid pack for rod-shaped smoking articles and blank therefor

  • CN 101,107,182 B
  • Filed: 01/11/2006
  • Issued: 02/12/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/14/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. for a hinge-lid pack for rod-shaped smoking articles, it possesses:

  • The outer box (2) with open end;

    Be contained in the interior bag (6) in described outer box (2), the inner packaging paper that this interior bag (6) comprises rod-shaped smoking articles bundle (CB) and this bundle is wrapped into;

    Top cover (16,18), it engages with the trailing edge folding of described open end (4) in described outer box (2), for opening and closing described open end (4);

    Cut off line (70,28,69), it can link with described outer box (2) and described top cover (16,18) discretely, this cut-out line (70,28,69) comprises frangible portion, when described top cover (16,18) is opened at first, this frangible portion determines to start the disrumpent feelings starting position of disrumpent feelings described cut-out line (70,28,69)Wherein,Described cut-out line (70,28,69) comprises the first cut-out line (70),This first cut-out line (70) marks breach reservations (72), and described breach reservations (72) have roughly U font at the antetheca of described outer box,Described breach reservations (72) have the part of described open end (4) leading edge, and until described top cover (16,18) opened first always bonding with the inner face (76) of described top cover (16,18),Wherein,Described first cuts off line (70) contains a pair of punch column (80,82), and this pair of punch column forms the part of the linearity side of U font breach reservations (72),Described punch column (80,82) has gap (84) with being separated from each other and has the middle part (86) between described gap along side,The described middle part (86) of described a pair of punch column (80,82) is relatively through the axis (X) at described breach reservations (72) center symmetrical arrangements each other,Wherein,Described first cuts off the bottom opening (88) that line (70) also contains the end that becomes the breach of described U font reservations (72), a region between described bottom opening (88) and a described punch column (80,82) is formed frangible portionWherein,Described middle part (86) in described each punch column (80,82) has along with its position is left and the length that increases gradually from described bottom opening (88),Between described bottom opening (88) and another described punch column (80,82), be formed with the disrumpent feelings part of the next one that then frangible portion should be disrumpent feelings,Described in the Length Ratio of frangible portion, next disrumpent feelings part is short,Concerning thering is the pars intermedia (86) of a punch column (82) and the pars intermedia (86) of another punch column (80) of frangible portion one side, from frangible portion and described next broken part, divide and start counting, the pars intermedia of same order sequence number is each other when contrasting, and the pars intermedia (86) of another punch column of Length Ratio (80) side of the pars intermedia (86) of a described punch column (82) side is short.

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