Fine powder of single-crystalline diamond and method for production thereof

Fine powder of single-crystalline diamond and method for production thereof

  • CN 101,115,680 A
  • Filed: 01/11/2006
  • Published: 01/30/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/11/2005
  • Status: Active Application
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1. the preparation method of a fine powder of single-crystalline diamond comprises:

  • (1) starting materials by the broken single-crystalline diamond of shock load physical disturbance equipment is to prepare initial fine diamond particulate step, and this single-crystalline diamond is the product that transforms from non-diamond carbon under static ultra-high voltage;

    (2) the described initial fine diamond particle surface of oxidation is to be attached to hydrophilic atom or functional group'"'"'s chemistry the surface of diamond particles and therefore to give the step of hydrophilic nmature to it;

    (3) by in water medium, disperseing hydrophilic diamond particles to prepare the step of slurry, wherein (by adding alkaline matter) to it to set and keep described slurry be weakly alkaline;

    (4) described slurry is carried out the step of the preliminary particle size stage treatment of wet type, with the maximum particle size part of removing diamond particles from described slurry by sedimentation, described maximum particle size partly has 60nm or bigger D 50Size;

    (5) add deionized water to by weight 0.1% or the step of littler diamond concentration to the remainder of the described slurry of removing described maximum particle size part;

    (6) the described remainder to slurry imposes the step that centrifugal classification is handled, from slurry, concentrate thus and remove the diamond particles that in described slurry, contains than coarse particles size part, described water medium is removed from the centrifugal classification processing as flowing out slurry simultaneously, and described outflow slurry comprises owing to remove the diamond particles part that average particle size particle size has reduced than the brait particulate;

    (7) repeat once or the step of the operation of more times above-mentioned steps (6), by it being removed from slurry of concentrating and separating diamond particles, obtain as next group target component;

    50nm or littler D thus up to the diamond particles that in described material, comprises than coarse particles size part and as solid matter 50Size, and D 10Size is to D 50Size and D 90Size is to D 50The ratio of size is respectively 50% or bigger and 200% or littler, comprises the diamond particles part with less average particle size particle size from the described slurry effluent of centrifugal treating;

    With (8) by being precipitated as solid matter reclaims the diamond particles with minimum average B configuration particle size from described slurry step.

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