Method for producing simple planetary gear device and simple planetary gear device

Method for producing simple planetary gear device and simple planetary gear device

  • CN 101,117,996 A
  • Filed: 08/01/2007
  • Published: 02/06/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/02/2006
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1. the manufacture method of a simple planetary gear device, this simple planetary gear device possess sun gear, by insert that bracket pin rotation in the pallet body is supported freely and with the external planetary pinion of this sun gear and this planetary pinion in the internal gear that connects, the manufacture method of this simple planetary gear device is characterised in that, comprising:

  • Prepare the operation of above-mentioned bracket pin and illusory bracket pin, above-mentioned bracket pin is loaded into above-mentioned pallet body with finally having magnitude of interference, this illusory bracket pin has identical with this bracket pin shape above-mentioned planetary rotation support part, and the state assembling that can move along the radial direction of simple planetary gear device with this central position that rotates support part;

    This illusory bracket pin is being inserted under the state of above-mentioned pallet body, while adjust radial direction position, the above-mentioned planetary operation of packing into of the above-mentioned rotation support part of this illusory bracket pin;

    Under this state, selected from pre-prepd sun gear group have the sun gear of the transverse tooth thickness that can satisfy desired backlash and an operation of packing into;

    The operation that the above-mentioned planetary pinion of being packed into is fixed in the position of being packed into;

    Extract the operation of above-mentioned illusory bracket pin;

    On the position of the above-mentioned planetary above-mentioned illusory bracket pin that is fixed, above-mentioned bracket pin is encased in with having magnitude of interference the operation of above-mentioned pallet body;

    AndRemove above-mentioned planetary fixing operation.

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