Positive displacement flush syringe

Positive displacement flush syringe

  • CN 101,119,762 B
  • Filed: 01/04/2006
  • Issued: 05/30/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 01/07/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. irrigating syringe assembly comprises:

  • Tube, this tube has;

    cylindrical side wall, the inner surface of this cylindrical side wall have confirmed to be used to keep fluidic chamber;

    Open proximal;

    And far-end, this far-end comprises distal wall, and this distal wall has the tip of distad extending from this distal wall, and there is the passage that passes with this chamber in fluid communication at this tip;


    This plunger comprises elongate body portion;

    This elongate body portion has near-end and far-end;

    Retainer can be slidably disposed the inner surface with said tube to carry out fluid-tight engagement, is used for fluid being released from this chamber with respect to the motion of said tube through said retainer, and said elongate body portion stretches out from the said open proximal of said tube;

    Discontinuous part on said plunger is used for closing with this socket joint, is used at said retainer all fluids all being transferred out the distal motion that stops said plunger before from chamber fully;

    Said retainer comprises;

    the proximal stopper part, and this proximal stopper part is connected with the said far-end of said plunger;

    And distal stopper part;

    This distal stopper part is partly separated with said proximal stopper through spring assembly;

    Being used for said discontinuous part on said plunger closes with said socket joint so that stop and after the distal motion of said plunger said distal stopper part is moved along distal direction;

    So that more the multithread body is released from said chamberWherein, Said discontinuous part is the convexity outwardly on said elongate body portion;

    Said distal stopper partly is arranged to said inner surface with said tube and is bonded into and makes said distal stopper part move required power less than the said chamber in the said proximal stopper part edge required power of moving along said chamber;

    And said distal stopper partly has at least one circumferential rib that engages with the said inner surface of said tube, and said proximal stopper partly has at least two circumferential rib that engage with the said inner surface of said tube.

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