Method for preparing coal series needle coke

Method for preparing coal series needle coke

  • CN 101,126,027 A
  • Filed: 08/17/2006
  • Published: 02/20/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/17/2006
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1. the preparation method of a coal series needle coke, adopt coal measures viscid bitumen or preparation viscid bitumen as the flash distillation raw material, make flash oil through the flash distillation pre-treatment, its QI value is~

  • 0%, and the weight molecule flash oil is directly made coking raw material, the part flash oil is made the polycondensation raw material and adds petroleum component to carry out polycondensation, remake coking raw material through over-quenching, the advanced coking raw material of coking operation advances lightweight oil again, the operation of charging variable, make needle coke after finishing charing and solid phase drying process, coking oil vapour carries out purifying treatment;

    It is characterized in that;

    1) ejects the flash oil that comes from flashing tower (2) and pass through three partial condensers (3) outside the tower, (4), (5) carry out fractional condensation, install on flashing tower (2) top perhaps that two partial condensers carry out fractionation and fractional condensation processing fractionation plant and tower outside, obtain heavy flash oil a respectively, middle flash oil b and light flash oil c, heavy flash oil a can directly send into coking tower (8) and make coking raw material, middle flash oil b generates polycondensation asphalt d and remakes coking raw material after polycondensation, light flash oil c remakes coking raw material in case of necessity after degree of depth polycondensation, perhaps middle flash oil b and light flash oil c can make other raw material;

    2) being provided with the pan feeding distribution piping group of inserting liquid level in the still on the top of batch condensation polymerization reactor (6), being provided with axial agitator in the still, is taper at the bottom of the still;

    3) replace with nitrogen h with the concurrently injected water vapour of the coking raw material that enters coking tower (8), its amount is the 4-6% of raw material weight;

    4) the self-cleaning oil g of coking oil vapour n 1Adopt mink cell focus, recycle, and outside the part removal system, with clean-up stage top backflow f 2Replenish;

    5) petroleum component m can add respectively in flash distillation raw material or polycondensation raw material or the coking raw material according to different boiling, carries out common charing, and its amount is the 5-60% of raw material weight.

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