Battery pack

Battery pack

  • CN 101,154,719 B
  • Filed: 09/13/2007
  • Issued: 05/30/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/28/2006
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. battery pack comprises:

  • The core group comprises;

    Bag shape plain battery has electrode assemblie and bag housing, and said bag housing has first surface and second surface;

    The chamber that first surface is constructed with base portion and four limits is used to admit electrode assemblie, and second surface is configured to cover the chamber, wherein;

    Intersect at a plurality of edges on said base portion and four limits;

    And wherein, at least two opposite edges in said a plurality of edge be configured on the said first surface of said bag housing, have rounded shape andThe protective circuit element is arranged on the part place of bag shape plain battery, and has the outside input/output terminal that is suitable for being electrically connected to bag shape plain battery;

    First housing, it comprises first metallic plate that is configured for forming at least the first main wall and is configured for forming first resin moulded parts of the first side wall at least that the first main wall and the first side wall are configured to center on the first surface of core group;

    AndSecond housing, it comprises second metallic plate and second resin moulded parts that is configured for forming at least the second sidewall that is configured for forming at least the second main wall, the second main wall and second sidewall are configured to the second surface around the core group,Wherein, first and second housings through first and second resin moulded parts are welded be connected to each other andWherein, first metallic plate comprises;

    first planar portions, have rectangular shape, size be formed on the first surface of bag housing base portion about equally, and form corresponding to base portion to form the center of the first main wall;

    WithFirst bend, it comprise from the peripheral crooked and one of first planar portions extend to the core group first surface scarf and extend from the periphery of scarf being parallel to the parallel surfaces of first planar portions, thereby form the first main wall periphery andWherein first resin moulded parts comprises first resin portion, and whole first bend that centers on to be forming the periphery of the first main wall,Wherein, first bend have be configured to at least one opposite edges with rounded shape along from the first surface of bag housing towards the overlapping overlapping portion of the direction of second surface.

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