Method and system for the exit protocol of emergent medical condition scheduling system

Method and system for the exit protocol of emergent medical condition scheduling system

  • CN 101,169,840 B
  • Filed: 10/26/2006
  • Issued: 09/28/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/26/2006
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1. a computer implemented calling for auxiliary dispatching person'"'"'s mabage report emergent medical condition and guiding dispatcher adjustThe method spending the response to emergent medical condition, including:

  • Receiving the calling from the caller on telephone communication equipment, caller'"'"'s request carries out medical rescue to patient;

    Distribute in multiple pre-established criticality decision factor to this medical rescue request, this criticality judge because ofElement includes in multiple predetermined decision level, when information is performed the computer system reception of the pre-inquiry drafted alsoDuring process, one in described predetermined decision level is determined, described inquiryThere is provided the inquiry of multiple pre-programmed on the display of the equipment of calculating to dispatcher, described inquiry is arranged good pre-to guideThe inquiry drafted is systematically to obtain the description of the problem causing medical rescue to ask, and the inquiry of wherein said pre-programmed is in schedulingIt is supplied to dispatcher on the medium that member can read;

    The response data of the inquiry in response to pre-programmed is received from dispatcher;

    Using response data which shunting along multiple shuntings to be advanced to determine, each shunting in multiple shuntings all includesAdditional inquiry;

    AndDistribution criticality decision factor, wherein when response data is received and processes, generates criticality decision factorMiddle decision level, after all of necessary response data is received, it is achieved the final decision level of criticality decision factor;

    The scheduling response to this request, this response is partly determined by the final decision level of this criticality decision factor;

    WithAndBefore respondent arrives, dispatch command collection after the dispatcher communicated with caller provides first, wherein, described instructionInstruct caller the most ready to this patient of arrival of respondent, and accelerate the work of respondent, wherein this rear schedulingOperation part ground determines according to the criticality decision factor distributing to this medical rescue request.

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