Regeneratable wet fuel gas desulfurizing technology

Regeneratable wet fuel gas desulfurizing technology

  • CN 101,185,838 A
  • Filed: 08/24/2007
  • Published: 05/28/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/24/2007
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1. a Regeneratable wet fuel gas desulfurizing technology is characterized in that comprising the steps:

  • (1) flue gas washing;

    contain SO XThe flue gas of gas is by scrubbing tower, and temperature drops to 40~

    60 ℃

    , dedusting and remove SO 3(2) absorb;

    from the SO that removed of step (1) 3Flue gas, with absorbent counter current contacting in the absorption tower of filler is housed, liquid gas volume ratio is 0.002~

    0.01, flue gas after being purified enters atmosphere, the absorption tower operating temperature is 40~

    60 ℃

    , has absorbed SO in the flue gas 2A rich solution absorbent part get back to the absorption tower and recycle, a part goes step (3) to regenerate, wherein absorbent is the salt with two amine functional groups and derivative thereof, pH value is 3~


    (3) rich solution absorbent regeneration;

    after heat exchange, enter regenerator from the rich solution absorbent of step (2) and carry out steam stripping regeneration, absorbent after the regeneration returns step (2), wherein the column bottom temperature of regenerator is 100~

    130 ℃

    , tower top temperature is 95~

    110 ℃

    , and tower top temperature is lower than column bottom temperature, when the content of heat stable salt is greater than 5~

    15 weight % in the absorbent after regenerating, gets the absorbent regeneration that accounts for absorbent regeneration total amount 3~

    5 weight % and go step (4), all the other directly return the absorption tower;

    (4) ion-exchange;

    to from the absorbent regeneration of step (3) under 40~

    60 ℃

    of conditions, in resin tower, carry out ion-exchange with ion exchange resin, the absorbent that removes behind the heat stable salt turns back to the absorption tower;

    Exchange and recycle after saturated resin is regenerated with 4 weight % sodium hydroxide solutions.

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