Asphalt cement mortar

Asphalt cement mortar

  • CN 101,186,477 B
  • Filed: 12/21/2007
  • Issued: 09/12/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/21/2007
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1. asphalt cement mortar, it is characterized in that by the mixture that siccative, emulsified bitumen, water reducer, skimmer and water proportional mixing are formed the weight proportion of each moity in the mixture is:

  • 70~

    80 parts of siccatives, 10~

    20 parts of emulsified bitumens, 0.1~

    0.4 part of water reducer, 0.005~

    0.01 part of skimmer, 8~

    15 parts in water,Said siccative is made up of cement, aggregate and swelling agent, and each moity of siccative and weight proportion are;


    42 parts of cement, 58~

    65 parts in aggregate, 0.0015~

    0.0025 part of swelling agent;

    Maximum particle diameter≤

    the 1.0mm of said siccative, and≤

    composition of 0.125mm accounts for 40%~


    Said cement is silicate cement, and said aggregate is maximum particle diameter≤

    1.0mm, density≤

    2.8kg/dm 3, light organic impurity content≤

    0.25% sand, said sand is natural sand, or machine-processed sand, said sand is one or both in natural sand or the machine-processed sand;

    Said swelling agent is an aluminium powder;

    Said emulsified bitumen is the anionic emulsified bitumen of water cut≤


    Said water reducer is a polycarboxylic acids dehydragent;

    Said skimmer is a silicon system skimmer.

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