Sapphire crystal growth method

Sapphire crystal growth method

  • CN 101,205,628 A
  • Filed: 12/18/2006
  • Published: 06/25/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/18/2006
  • Status: Active Application
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1. a sapphire crystal growth method is characterized in that, step is:

  • alumina powder is ground to the ultrafine powder particle through pulverizing, chemical assistant;

    The above purity of alumina purifying particle to 99.999%;

    Add an amount of solvent and stir the group Pu with brute force and stir into pulpous state being ground to ultrafine powder particle and aluminum oxide through purifying to 99.999% above purity, again the pulpous state aluminum oxide is pressurizeed with high pressure group Pu, send into the granulation nozzle, be ejected in the high temperature drying tower, utilize the pulpous state aluminum oxide of the warm air of high speed hot-fluid in the tower with the ejection of granulation nozzle, wink-dry becomes aluminium oxide particles of uniform size and collection;

    Add organic binder again;

    Described pure alumina powder is placed mould, add a small amount of organic binder again after, pressurization forms the base substrate of predetermined shape on pressing machine;

    To be scheduled to profile aluminum oxide base substrate earlier and burn till the alumina block of some semi-ripe condition in advance, insert pre-burning in the special High Temperature Furnaces Heating Apparatus of a vacuum, eliminate small organic matter, impurity, bubble etc., form closely knit proportion, described vacuum extra-high-speed temperature stove and accessory has gas discharge outlet, and impure gas is discharged;

    Then with described vacuum extra-high-speed temperature stove evacuation and import rare gas element, and improve temperature, the alumina block of some semi-ripe condition is heated to molten soup state, finish and solidify, cool off, be shrunk to monocrystalline sapphire until long crystalline substance.

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