Method for pressing fire-proof material from bamboo wood filament and strip or shavings

Method for pressing fire-proof material from bamboo wood filament and strip or shavings

  • CN 101,209,567 A
  • Filed: 12/25/2007
  • Published: 07/02/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/25/2007
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1. one kind is the method for raw material pressing fire-proof with bamboo wood wool bar or wood shavings, it is characterized in that carrying out as follows:

  • (1) acquisition of bamboo strand and wood shavings;

    the wood wool bar is cut with chopping bar machine from processing leftover pieces, intermediate cutting small dimension wood, brush wood, shrub;

    The bamboo strand is from former bamboo processed side product or directly with obtaining in the former bamboo strand;

    Wood shavings are the bamboo and wood processed side product;

    Generous or the diameter of bamboo and wood strand is smaller or equal to 10mm, and wood shavings thickness is less than 2.5mm;

    (2) drying;

    divide two kinds of situations, in subsequent handling, need not only soak fire-resistant fluid but also soak fire prevention glue, be dried to moisture content≤


    The wood wool bar, the wood wool that only soak fire prevention glue are dried to moisture content 15%-30%, bamboo strand, bamboo shaving 10%-25%;

    (3) dipping;

    the fire-resistant fluid phosphorus of dipping usefulness, boron compound fire-resistant fluid, commercially available acquisition, dip time, raw material moisture content, impregnation concentration require to decide with the fire-protection rating of making material, the fire prevention glue of dipping usefulness adopts melamine modified urea-formaldehyde glue, or cyanurotriamide modified phenol glue, concentration 2%-30%, the concentration 1%-3% of fire-resistant fluid, the time of soaking fire-resistant fluid and fire prevention glue respectively is 3-150S;

    (4) dry again;

    as respectively the dipping fire-resistant fluid to be carried out gas with the wood, the bamboo silk that flood fire prevention glue and do and kiln drying, or only carry out kiln drying, the wooden bamboo strand of dipping fire-resistant fluid is dried to moisture content≤

    15%, and the moisture content of wooden bamboo silk is controlled at 4%-12% behind the dipping fire prevention glue.(5) mat formation;

    desire to make the orienting spreading in mould of square stock, should adopt bamboo strand, wood wool row culture raw material;

    That desires to make sheet material puts into hot press after mating formation on the backing plate, also available bamboo and wood wood shavings are raw material;

    (6) hot pressing and curing;

    the time of hot pressing and curing, temperature requirement are different and different with glue kind, material, thickness, the 1-10Mpa that exerts pressure, press back density 650-1100kg/m 3Make square stock, with melamine modified urea-formaldehyde glue or cyanurotriamide modified phenol glue, the environment of mould being put into together temperature 50-100 ℃

    solidifies 5-60h, make the sheet material that thickness is no more than 32mm, with melamine modified urea-formaldehyde glue, in temperature 100-150 ℃

    hot press, the time is controlled at the 0.7-2min/mm unit thickness;

    With cyanurotriamide modified phenol glue, in temperature 130-180 ℃

    hot press, the time is controlled at the 0.6-1.6min/mm unit thickness;

    (7) it is standby to be cooled to discharging below 70 ℃


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