Maskless lithography system with improved reliability

Maskless lithography system with improved reliability

  • CN 101,228,608 B
  • Filed: 07/25/2006
  • Issued: 01/21/2015
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/25/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. one kind for by design transfer to the maskless lithography system (1) on the surface of target (13,21), comprising:

  • -at least one beamlet optical unit (18), for generation of multiple light pencil (7,7 '"'"',

         19),-at least one scanner (24), for scanning described light pencil along the first scanning direction (S1) on said surface, wherein said first scanning direction (S1) is that described beamlet optical unit (18) is relative to described target (13,21) direction of the movement on surface, wherein said light pencil with relative to described first scanning direction (S1) at a slight angle α

    be arranged at least one line (S);

    -at least one measuring unit, for measuring the performance of each light pencil;

    -at least one control unit (60), for generation of pattern data pattern data is delivered to described beamlet optical unit, described control unit operability is coupled to described measuring unit, for determining the invalid beamlet (20) with the measurement performance value outside the predetermined value scope of described performance;

    -at least one actuator (16), for causing described beamlet optical unit (18) and described target (13,21) relative to one another perpendicular to the movement (Δ

    ) of described first scanning direction (S1), wherein, described actuator is coupled with described control unit operability, described control unit determines described movement (Δ

    ), effective light pencil (19) is positioned at the position of described invalid beamlet (20), thus effective light pencil (19) is used to replace described invalid beamlet (20)Wherein, described beamlet optical unit (18) is suitable for producing the light pencil separated regularly, and described actuator (16) is suitable for causing the described movement (Δ

    ) of the integral multiple being d*sin (α

    ), wherein d is the phase mutual edge distance of the light pencil that on described line (S) two are adjacent, is write by the light pencil (19) of conformance to specifications for making the scan line of the light pencil outside specification (20) (23).

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