Stereo carving machine

Stereo carving machine

  • CN 101,239,530 B
  • Filed: 03/06/2008
  • Issued: 07/20/2011
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/06/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. solid carving machine, comprise frame (1) and be fixed on the crossbeam (5) that frame (1) top is provided with by horizontal cross, on the side of crossbeam (5), be provided for installing the toolframe (2) of some cutters (7), between toolframe (2) and crossbeam (5), be provided with the cross slide (3) that is connected with the cross rail (9) of horizontal cross setting, between cross slide (3) and toolframe (2), be provided with the perpendicular piece (4) that drags that is connected with vertically disposed perpendicular guide rail (13), above-mentioned toolframe (2) is fixed on perpendicular dragging on the piece (4), described crossbeam (5) is provided with and drives the driving mechanism one that cross slide (3) moves along cross rail (9), on cross slide (3), be provided with and drive the perpendicular driving mechanism two that drags piece (4) to move along perpendicular guide rail (13), it is characterized in that, described crossbeam (5) below is provided with workbench (6), go up setting and the identical workpiece grip mechanism of cutter (7) quantity at workbench (6), between frame (1) and workbench (6), be provided with the vertical guide rail (14) that two levels are vertically placed, on frame (1), be provided with and be used to drive the driving mechanism three that workbench (6) moves along vertical guide rail (14);

  • Described workbench (6) constitutes rectangular-shaped by steel bar and workpiece can be moved under the toolframe (2);

    Described clamping device comprises that being arranged on workbench (6) goes up rotating rotating disk (15) and can form top (16) that clamp workpiece and can stretch on rotating disk (15) axis direction with rotating disk (15);

    Be fixed with two cylindrical guides (17) that are provided with along horizontal parallel longitudinal in the described workbench (6), on each cylindrical guide (17), be with slide block (18), be fixed with lath (19) on two slide blocks (18), above-mentioned top (16) are fixed on the lath (19).

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