Composite electric potential coupling corrosion control technique

Composite electric potential coupling corrosion control technique

  • CN 101,260,526 A
  • Filed: 03/10/2008
  • Published: 09/10/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/10/2008
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1. a composite electric potential coupling corrosion control technique, step as follows:

  • (1) by to the normal temperature mechanics tension test of galvanic corrosion anode material after the constant potential test, analyzes its hydrogen embrittlement situation, determine the lower bound current potential and the desirable protection potential of anode material, and it is independently carried out cathodic Protection Design, obtain the anode design current potential;

    (2) analyze the protection demand, determine that negative electrode implements the purpose of complex potential technology and slow down or eliminate galvanic corrosion fully, thereby determine negative electrode complex potential value, this value is for being higher than anode corrosion potential 50mV to certain value between the anode design current potential, reduces or eliminates negative and positive interpolar potential difference fully;

    (3) analyze cathodic polarization curve, determine the cathode surface current density under the negative electrode complex potential, calculate cathodic surface area, thereby calculate the cathode surface electric current;

    (4) according to the cost situation, determine complex potential technology implementation mode, design sacrifice property anticorrosive metal element, comprise according to negative electrode complex potential and cost situation and select the sacrificial anode material kind, the surface-area of determining the coupling metal anode with the variation and the cathodic surface area of both area ratios according to sacrifice property metal and the coupling potential of negative electrode, calculate coupling metal anode weight according to the cathode surface electric current, the requirement that is easy to come off according to sacrifice property metal anode uniform dissolution and corrosion product designs its structural shape, requires contents such as definite mode of connection as far as possible uniformly according to connecting the as far as possible little and cathode surface Potential distribution of resistance;

    Or select the impressed current device, to reach cathode surface electric current and the requirement of negative electrode complex potential equally;

    (5) protection against corrosion element or impressed current device are installed, are made total connection resistance≤

    0.2 Ω


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