Blood fat reducing health products and preparation

Blood fat reducing health products and preparation

  • CN 101,264,121 B
  • Filed: 04/30/2008
  • Issued: 11/07/2012
  • Est. Priority Date: 04/30/2008
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1. the health product of a blood fat reducing, the effective ingredient that it is characterized in that it is to be processed by the raw material of following weight ratio:

  • 4 parts of Semen Raphani active component extracts8 parts of the Herba Epimedii extracts of 10;

    1The Radix Panacis Quinquefolii extract of 5;

    1, wherein saponin is 10% 10 partsThe active components of glossy ganoderma extract wherein contains 20% 10 parts of polysaccharideThe vitamin E powder microgranule of food grade wherein contains 50% 8 parts of VEThe beta-carotene powder microgranule of food grade wherein contains 20% 1 parts of beta-carotene0.05 part of PVP K30;

    The method for distilling of said Semen Raphani active component extract is following;

    Get qualified Semen Raphani, clean, powder is processed in the removal of impurity, adds the solvent of 5 multiple doses, in the agitated reactor effective component extracting, extracts secondary altogether;

    For the first time, normal pressure, the extraction temperature is 78 ℃

    , infinite reflux 2 hours keeps temperature, reduces gradually then and refluxes, and until stopping backflow, refrigerative solvent collection is arrived storage tank, vacuum sucking-off extracting solution then;

    For the second time, add solvent again, carry out the second time with method and extract vacuum sucking-off extracting solution;

    Merge the extracting solution of second extraction, room temperature left standstill 12 hours, took out the oil reservoir supernatant, got into high speed centrifuge, and the liquid phase vinyon bucket loam cake of packing into is tightened;

    With oil reservoir supernatant vacuum drying, vacuum is about 360 mmHg, and temperature is about 85 ℃


    Dry thing moisture content is controlled at 5%, and dry then thing 80 orders are beaten powder and are finished product;

    Wherein, said solvent composition is ethanol;

    ethyl acetate=1;


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