Blender with co-operating jug and blades

Blender with co-operating jug and blades

  • CN 101,282,672 B
  • Filed: 09/05/2006
  • Issued: 09/24/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/05/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. the assembly of mixer kettle and cutter assembly, described cutter assembly comprises:

  • limit the main blade of sweeping area, in described assembly;

    Described main blade is suitable for being driven by the axle in described kettle from below;

    Described kettle has the bowl-shape inner surface extending radially outward up under described sweeping area;

    Described main blade comprises the relative principal arm that at least one pair of extends radially outward up;

    Each described principal arm all has root and upwards turns down and insert tip vertical or that cardinal principle is vertical;

    Be limited at the gap between the surface, inside extending radially outward up under each described principal arm and described sweeping area, described gap is located to be greater than under described root and is located under described tip;

    AndDescribed cutter assembly also comprise that two or more extend radially outward up compared with forearm;

    Wherein said mixer kettle comprises internal table face portion, and this internal table face portion has the surface that extends radially outward up under the whole region limiting at the described sweeping area of described main blade;

    The in-profile of wherein said kettle has the bending point being positioned on described main blade, and the shape that described like this kettle is positioned at the bottom under described bending point is that the sidewall that substantially bowl-shape and described kettle is positioned on described bending point is straight line substantially on profile.

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