Compositions of ethylene/alpha-olefin multi-block interpolymer for elastic films and laminates

Compositions of ethylene/alpha-olefin multi-block interpolymer for elastic films and laminates

  • CN 101,287,772 A
  • Filed: 03/15/2006
  • Published: 10/15/2008
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/17/2005
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. composition that is fit to be used in elastica and laminating material, it comprises at least a ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer, wherein this ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer:

  • (a) have about 1.7 to about 3.5 Mw/Mn, at least one fusing point (Tm, ℃

    ), and density (d, gram/cubic centimetre), wherein, the numerical value of Tm and d is corresponding to the following relationship formula;


    -2002.9+4538.5 (d)-2422.2 (d) 2Or (b) have about 1.7 to about 3.5 Mw/Mn, and be characterised in that melting heat (Δ

    H J/g), and is defined as the Δ

    amount (Δ

    T, ℃

    ) of the peak-to-peak temperature head of the highest DSC peak and the highest CRYSTAF, and wherein, the numerical value of Δ

    T and Δ

    H has the following relationship formula;

    When Δ

    H greater than 0 and when being up to 130J/g, Δ


    -0.1299 (Δ

    H)+62.81As Δ

    H during greater than 130J/g, Δ

    T 〉

    =48 ℃

    ,Wherein, this CRYSTAF peak is to use at least 5% accumulation polymkeric substance decision, and has identifiable CRYSTAF peak as if this polymkeric substance that is less than 5%, and then this CRYSTAF temperature is 30 ℃


    Or(c) be characterised in that by the compression moulding film of this ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer measure in the elastic recovery (Re in 300% strain and 1 cycle, %), and has density (d, gram/cubic centimetre), wherein, when this ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer does not have crosslinked phase time in fact, the numerical value of Re and d satisfies the following relationship formula;


    1481-1629 (d);

    Or(d) has when using the TREF classification molecule fraction of wash-out between 40 ℃ and

    130 ℃

    , be characterised in that this fraction has the mole co-monomer content of the height at least 5% of the random ethylene interpolymer fraction of intending than the comparability of wash-out between uniform temp, wherein, the random ethylene interpolymer that this comparability is intended has identical comonomer, and have this ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer 10% in melt index, density and mole co-monomer content (is benchmark in this whole polymkeric substance);

    Or(e) have storage modulus under 25 ℃

    , G '"'"' (25 ℃

    ), and the storage modulus under 100 ℃

    , G '"'"' (100 ℃

    ), wherein, G '"'"' (25 ℃

    ) is about 1;

    1 to about 9;

    1 with respect to the ratio of G '"'"' (100 ℃


    Therein ethylene/alpha-olefin interpolymer has about 0.85 density to about 0.89 gram/cubic centimetre, and has/10 minutes melt index (I of/10 minutes extremely about 20 grams of about 0.5 gram 2).

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