Tube-type sewage water micro-filter processing equipment

Tube-type sewage water micro-filter processing equipment

  • CN 101,301,584 B
  • Filed: 06/13/2008
  • Issued: 07/28/2010
  • Est. Priority Date: 06/13/2008
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a tube-type sewage water micro-filter processing equipment is characterized in that:

  • compriseOne reactive tank, sewage pipe road junction system is located at the first top notch of this reactive tank, makes in this reactive tank that sewage can form a maximum material suspension in it, plays the preliminary treatment effect;

    One thickener is used for concentrating sewage, further plays the preliminary treatment effect;

    This thickener is near above-mentioned reactive tank setting, so that sewage can enter in the thickener in the overflow mode in the reactive tank;

    Be provided with a drainage pipeline in this thickener bottom, this drainage pipeline end is provided with one first drain valve;

    One circulation power pump, its inlet channel system by T joint on above-mentioned drainage pipeline;

    One adopts the micro-filtration membrane pipe fitting of cross-flow filtration, and one is terminated on the outlet conduit of above-mentioned circulation power pump, and the other end is connected on the concentrate recirculation pipeline, and first floss hole of this concentrate recirculation pipeline is located at the second top notch of above-mentioned thickener;

    On this micro-filtration membrane pipe fitting, be connected with a water producing pipe road by three-way pipe;

    One cleans bumper post, and second floss hole in above-mentioned water producing pipe road is connected to this cleaning bumper post bottom, flows into from the bottom that this cleans bumper post so that produce water, flows out along the product water drainage pipeline that cleans the bumper post top;

    On this product water drainage pipeline, be provided with an intake valve group, so that the water that the enough compressed air of energy promotes in this cleaning bumper post flows, this intake valve group comprises that an air inlet magnetic valve and that inserts the compressed air mouth is connected in the breather check valve of air inlet magnetic valve, and this breather check valve is connected to and produces on the water drainage pipeline;

    Also be provided with one on this product water drainage pipeline successively and produce a water solenoid valve and a product discharge probe, be connected to one in the water outlet end of this product water drainage pipeline by three-way pipe and produce a water discharge spout and a product water blow-down pipe, the drain of this product water blow-down pipe is located at the second top notch of above-mentioned thickener, above-mentioned product water discharge spout is provided with one second drain valve, is provided with an atmospheric valve and produce the water blow-down pipe.

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