Methods and systems for enhancing television applications using 3d pointing

Methods and systems for enhancing television applications using 3d pointing

  • CN 101,341,457 B
  • Filed: 02/14/2006
  • Issued: 01/29/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/14/2005
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1. the method for 3D locating device is used with show the software application of output in TV screen together with, said method comprising the steps of:

  • In described TV screen, show the first information collection be associated with described software application, wherein said software application comprise electronic program guides, TV screen controller, photo volume, home videos collection and do shopping in interface one of at least;

    Mobile described 3D locating device;

    Process the data that are associated with described 3D locating device, to compensate the unconscious movement of described 3D locating device;

    Data based on described processing, move to the reposition in described TV screen by the vernier being presented in described TV screen;

    In response to the reposition of described vernier, in described TV screen, change the demonstration of described first information collection;

    AndCorrespond directly to described slider position and do not require that user carries out any extra input, show the second information set in described TV screen, described the second information set is different from described first information collection,Wherein, described first information collection is program guide, and described the second information set shows by the linear list of rolling program, the linear list of program described in automatic rolling by described vernier being moved to the position of linear list below of described program.

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