The system and method that advertisement is created, distributed and tracked by electric network

The system and method that advertisement is created, distributed and tracked by electric network

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  • Filed: 12/21/2006
  • Issued: 10/13/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/24/2005
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1. a kind of system for being used to create on network, distribute and track e-advertising, including:

  • Dispatcher server, comprising database, the multiple advertisement parameters of database purchase and command record, the multiple advertisementParameter and command record include parameter to fetch, assemble and show one or more advertising content files and order andThe total cost paid by using for the advertising content files being licensed and the network site address that advertisement will be shown, the schedulerServer is arranged to:

    Generate the notice board code for being embedded in particular webpage;

    In response to the communication by network from the notice board code, the subset of the multiple record, the selection are selectedIt is based at least partially on one or more of the communication from notice board code keyword;

    After the subset of the multiple record is selected, perform auction with based on multiple advertiser bids from selected noteSelection, which is won, in the subset of record records;

    AndInstruction is provided so that the notice board code retrieves one associated with the triumph record to the notice board codeOr multiple advertising content files, and the one or more advertisements retrieved are shown in the region that the notice board code is specifiedContent file is used as shown advertisement;

    One or more Advertisement Servers, are equipped with and are configured to network service, and with to permitting the dispatcher serverIt is one or more advertising content files that are available, being stored thereon for creating advertisement,Advertizer'"'"'s computer, comprising one or more network communication interface software applications, is used for and system user interface, and alsoLicense is used to create advertisement to be that available one or more advertising content files carry out the menu of selection for providing, and is used forOne or more advertisement parameters and command record are created in the dispatcher server database,Tracking server, for receiving metadata from the dispatcher server, and tracks license based on the metadataThe service condition of advertising content files, when the file is shown, to calculate and collect the ad content of the licenseThe advertizer of file is pressed using payment rate,Wherein described tracking utilizes " file server is directly connected to ".

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