Noise barrier especially for a high-speed railway line

Noise barrier especially for a high-speed railway line

  • CN 101,349,040 B
  • Filed: 07/21/2008
  • Issued: 01/02/2013
  • Est. Priority Date: 07/21/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. sound barrier (1) that is used for high-speed railway, it has a plurality of sound insulation elements (2), wherein, sound insulation elements (2) has at least length of 1800mm (L) in the direction of its longitudinal axis (5), sound insulation elements (2) comprises a sheet material housing (3) with a sound insulation backing member (4), this sheet material housing (3) has a hollow cross-section transverse to its longitudinal axis (5), this sheet material housing (3) has a groove (12) at a narrow perisporium (6), and the narrow perisporium (8) at opposite side has a key (13), be used for each sound insulation elements (2) is connected to each other, it is characterized in that:

  • the perisporium (6 of this sheet material housing (3), 7,8,9) by two plates (10 according to this hollow cross-section bending,

         11) consist of, wherein, the plate of rail side (10) is a flat orifice plate in the zone of affiliated perisporium (7), these two plates (10,11) by expecting that thickness (s) is at least the aluminium tabula rasa formation of 1.5mm, these two plates shape under prestrain clamps in locking manner mutually;

    The plate of these two bendings (10,11) shape in the zone of this groove (12) and this key (13) overlaps in locking manner;

    These two plates (10,11) have respectively at least one and have bent a knuckle (α

    in order to form described narrow perisporium (6,8) 1, α

    2, α

    3, α

    4) limit (14,15,16,17), wherein, the knuckle (α

    of a plate (10) 1, α

    2) with the knuckle (α

    of another plate (11) 3, α

    4) 3 °

    to 8 °

    of deviations;

    Be perforated in the zone of affiliated perisporium (9) with plate (10) plate relative, resident'"'"'s side (11) of described rail side or do not bore a hole and have the lug boss (30) of compacting;

    Be fixed on the hollow cross-section of sheet material housing (3) by the plate of bending or the retaining element (18,19) that consisted of by extrudate, be used for to receive sound insulation backing member (4) clampedly.

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