Cable protection and guide device

Cable protection and guide device

  • CN 101,363,504 B
  • Filed: 07/30/2008
  • Issued: 12/10/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 08/08/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a cable protecting and guiding device;

  • the bent inner circumferential side of the chain connecting plate configuring in compartment of terrain, left and right and crooked outer circumferential side be crossbearer connecting panel respectively; and


    protection and guiding cable in cable accommodation space under coupled condition;

    this coupled condition be utilize the connecting pin of the place ahead of described chain connecting plate sideway stance and the biased heart configuration of rear side face be connected pin-and-hole along the bending of build-out direction freely by a plurality of chain connecting plates state connected to one another;

    it is characterized in thatDescribed chain connecting plate is all around shaped by single mold, forms single plate shape, makes chain connecting plate can be disposed at described build-out direction all around,On the chain connecting plate connecting along described build-out direction opposite face each other, be respectively equipped with along from described connecting pin or connect that the separated imaginary arc orbit in pin-and-hole concentric circles ground forms short circular-arc upwarp restriction fastening groove and upwarp restriction fastening groove concavo-convex chimeric the short circular-arc restriction hooking sheet that upwarps relatively moving mutually with this, to limit described chain connecting plate sideway stance and rear sideway stance upwarping to Width forwardly each other.

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