A kind of computer Chinese-character and the input method of Hanzi component and keyboard thereof

A kind of computer Chinese-character and the input method of Hanzi component and keyboard thereof

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  • Filed: 10/24/2008
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1. a computer Chinese input method, uses the computer keyboard with 26 English alphabet keys, it is characterised in that bagInclude following steps:

  • (1) first whole Chinese characters are split as radical sequence according to word source and structure word machine reason, and these radicals are recognized according to partsIt is summarized as 280~

    310 parts, i.e. code elements with principle, then by these parts according to word source cultural connotation or likeness in form spyThe relatedness principle levied is sorted out, and forms the big class in as follows 28;

    Life metal, wood, water, fire and earth;

    Cordyceps human body pit of the stomach hands;

    The people say clothing, food, lodging and transportion--basic necessities of life wealth;

    Eight pitch apostrophe folding anyhow;

    Each big class corresponds on an English alphabet according to the association of shape or pronunciation, forms the big class code of parts;

    (2) each parts are formed coding by 1~

    2 letter, and individual other permission is 3 letters, and first letter is these partsBig class code, second and third letter is referred to as the group code of parts, it may be assumed that component coding=parts big class code+parts group code, partHigh-frequency unit only has big class code, and group code is empty;

    Group code is to correspond to 26 English alphabets according to the sound-form information of parts;

    Component coding its group code when reality is applied allows arbitrarily to omit;

    (3) coding of individual character and input;

    Chinese character separating is become component sequence, and splits suitable according to sequential write or radical levelSequence arranges, and is then corresponding component coding part replacement, forms the coding of Chinese character, by input computer, the most availableCorresponding Chinese character;

    The encoding of chinese characters being made up of complete component coding can be used to input when inputting computer, i.e. holographic code input;

    AlsoThe encoding of chinese characters that can use part or all of component omission group code inputs, i.e. simple code input.

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