A kind of apparatus and method of management audio output

A kind of apparatus and method of management audio output

  • CN 101,393,515 B
  • Filed: 09/20/2007
  • Issued: 03/01/2017
  • Est. Priority Date: 09/20/2007
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1. a kind of device of management audio output is it is characterised in that what this device included being sequentially connected:

  • Audio output detects mouldBlock, audio output judging module, audio output performing module;

    Wherein,Described audio output detection module, for detecting to outer audio equipment, and is detecting outer audio equipmentDescribed audio output judging module is notified, described outer audio equipment includes wireless device and wireline equipment during access;

    Described audio output judging module, for controlling described audio output performing module to provide audio frequency defeated for outer audio equipmentGo out;

    And the audio output according to outer audio equipment, control the inside sound that described audio output performing module adjustment matchesFrequency exports;

    Described audio output performing module, for the control according to described audio output judging module, is that outer audio equipment carriesThe internal audio frequency matching for external audio output and according to this external audio output adjustment exports;

    Wherein, described audio output judging module receive from the notice of audio output detection module when, whether send to soundFrequency output carries out the prompting of sound channel expansion;

    User is directed to and whether audio output is carried out with sound channel expands making a choice, and will be doneThe selection going out inputs to audio output judging module;

    When audio output judging module receives user, sound channel expansion is carried out to audio outputDuring the selection filled, the sound channel that do not take of external audio output is notified to audio output performing module, and by audio signalIt is sent to audio output performing module;

    The audio signal receiving is sent to internal audio frequency equipment by audio output performing module, alsoThe vacant sound channel receiving is notified to internal audio frequency equipment, the vacant sound channel being notified by internal audio frequency equipment utilization is to receiptsTo audio signal carry out internal audio frequency output.

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