Medical image system

Medical image system

  • CN 101,395,630 A
  • Filed: 02/05/2007
  • Published: 03/25/2009
  • Est. Priority Date: 03/02/2006
  • Status: Active Application
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1. medical image system, wherein, video generation device and medical image management apparatus interconnect and between can the sending and receiving data message, described video generation device is to patient'"'"'s the diagnosis object position generation view data of photographing, described medical image management apparatus carries out corresponding with patient information the view data that described video generation device generates, medical image system is characterised in thatDescribed medical image management apparatus has:

  • Patient'"'"'s catalogue obtains means, obtains the patient'"'"'s that must examine patient information catalogue;

    Patient'"'"'s designating means is specified the patient information of examining subject patient from the described patient information catalogue that obtains;

    The control mode selection approach is used for selecting the control mode when receiving view data from described video generation device;

    Control device, have first control mode and second control mode, wherein, described first control mode is when receiving view data from described video generation device, automatically correspond to by described patient'"'"'s designating means this view data of receiving in the appointed patient information and be saved in the preservation means, the view data that described second control mode is not received this is carried out corresponding with patient information and is saved in interim preservation means, according to the selection that comes from described control mode selection approach, the preservation of the described view data of receiving is controlled with described first control mode or described second control mode.

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