Robot operating range setting device

Robot operating range setting device

  • CN 101,402,202 B
  • Filed: 09/09/2008
  • Issued: 02/19/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/05/2007
  • Status: Active Grant
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1. a robot operating range setting device, is characterized in that,Have:

  • Setup unit (40), it sets each axle of robot (20) and the actuating range of operation cutter;

    Display unit (41), it shows described robot, described actuating range and the peripheral equipment configuring in the left and right of described robot;

    Memory cell (33), it is to according to the weight of the responsiveness of described robot (20) and described operation cutter, and the inertial running distance of the described robot (20) that the form by mapping determines is stored; and

    Coverage area computing unit (36), the inertial running distance of storage in the actuating range that its basis is set by this setup unit (40) and described memory cell (33), the coverage area that calculating robot (20) arrives,This coverage area computing unit, the three-dimensional grid of the given size of the described actuating range inscribe that configures in described display unit and show in described display unit, in described display unit, in each apex configuration of this three-dimensional grid, there is the spheroid of the radius suitable with described inertial running distance, with the whole described spheroid of configuration circumscribed calculate described coverage area, and show on described display unit, described coverage area is greater than described actuating rangeThis robot operating range setting device also has;

    Disturb confirmation unit (37), between the coverage area that its confirmation is calculated by described coverage area computing unit (36) and the described peripheral equipment of described robot (20), whether have interference sections;

    AndAdjustment unit (38), it is when having been confirmed there is interference sections between described coverage area and described peripheral equipment by described interference confirmation unit (37), adjust each axle of described robot (20) and the actuating range of described operation cutter is got rid of described interference sectionsDescribed adjustment unit extracts a part for the described actuating range corresponding with the described interference sections of described coverage area, makes a part for described actuating range to the described robot slight distance that only movement is stipulated until can not confirm interference sections by described interference confirmation unit.

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