Call centre system

Call centre system

  • CN 101,415,048 B
  • Filed: 12/09/2008
  • Issued: 07/23/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 12/09/2008
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1. a call center system, it is characterized in that, described call center system adopts the structure of container that client/server (C/S) and browser/server (B/S) combine to realize, and C/S framework is as the body frame structure of system, as the container of system;

  • Realize and the closely-related computer telephone integration function of voice platform by C/S framework;

    Realize business function by B/S framework;

    Described call center system comprises;

    Queue machine, for the calling of access user, is sent to computer telephone integration cti server by call signal;

    Described cti server, for receiving the call signal from described queue machine, is sent to application server by call information;

    Receive the calling control command from seat system, process calling out by queue machine described in computer control;

    Described application server, for receiving the call information from described cti server, sends to described seat system by described call information;

    Receive the operation requests from described seat system, operating result is returned to described seat system;

    Described application server is as the server end of client/server (C/S) structure and the server end of browser/server (B/S) structure;

    Described seat system, for providing service interface to seat representative, the operation based on described seat representative, to described application server transmit operation request, shows the operating result returning from described application server on described service interface;

    Operation based on described seat representative is to described cti server sending controling instruction;

    Described seat system comprises the client in C/S structure, and provides the browser in B/S structure in described client;

    Wherein, between described seat system and described application server, realize basic function by client/server approach, realize business function by browser/server mode;

    Described basic function comprises calling out to be controlled and/or user property operation;

    Described business function comprises inquiry, typing, the retouching operation of business datum;

    Wherein, described service interface comprises CTI functional areas, menu area, bulletin viewing area, customer information district, state area and operating space;

    Described CTI functional areas are positioned at described service interface top, realize that operator logs on, checks out, start/end is quiet, show busy/show spare time, telephone receiving, hang up, the number of report, call out and keep/go bail for holding function;

    Described menu area is positioned at below, described CTI functional areas, realizes the operation of system management, bulletin management, worksheet, log query, knowledge base function;

    Described customer information district is positioned at menu area lower left, for showing current talking client'"'"'s information;

    Described bulletin viewing area is positioned at menu area lower right, for roll display notice information;

    Described state area is positioned at described service interface bottom, for showing current state information;

    Described operating space is positioned at the middle part of described service interface, different service application service is integrated in a region, for realizing business operations;

    Described operating space comprises services selection district, operating space, operating result district, sub-services selection district and business function district;

    In described operating space, can choose corresponding interface by described services selection district according to customer demand, switch different services;

    When the information service of carrying out as operator also has sub-services, can select district'"'"'s neutron services selection button by described child servers, switch different sub-services.

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