Backlight assembly and display device having the same

Backlight assembly and display device having the same

  • CN 101,418,928 B
  • Filed: 10/23/2008
  • Issued: 04/16/2014
  • Est. Priority Date: 10/24/2007
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1. a display device, this display device comprises:

  • There is the liquid crystal panel of the multiple pixels that show image;

    Be arranged on the front surface of described liquid crystal panel to show the barrier mask of images two view directions;

    Be arranged on the rear surface of described liquid crystal panel and the light source of light is provided to described liquid crystal panel;

    Be clipped between described liquid crystal panel and described light source and at least two regions of described liquid crystal panel, assemble the poly sheet of described light, described poly sheet has direction and multiple prism pattern of assembling direction of light and intersecting;

    Protective layer, this protective layer covers described multiple prism pattern of described poly sheet, to protect the surface of described poly sheet;

    The LGP of the light being provided by described light source is provided to described poly sheet;

    The first Reflector Panel, this first Reflector Panel has corresponding with described liquid crystal panel and holds the opening of the described light source of the both sides that are arranged on described LGP;

    The second Reflector Panel, the light that this second Reflector Panel reflection spills along the direction contrary with described liquid crystal panel makes it to advance towards described liquid crystal panel, and described the second Reflector Panel is arranged on below described LGP;

    AndDiffusion sheet, its scattering is from the light of described LGP, advances equably making it to described poly sheet, and described diffusion sheet is arranged between described LGP and described poly sheet,Wherein, each prism pattern of described poly sheet there is the prism vertex angle relative with described LGP and have triangular shaped,Wherein, described poly sheet also comprises the main part that supports the plurality of prism pattern, and described multiple prism pattern and described main part form or made by different materials,Wherein, described prism vertex angle has the angle in the scope of 70 °

    to 90 °

    or 90 °

    to 110 °

    ,Wherein, described poly sheet is formed by heat reactive resin or UV cured resin,Wherein, described in each, prism pattern is included in first surface and the second surface that described prism vertex angle place joins, and described first surface and described second surface are of similar shape,Wherein, described barrier mask comprises transparency carrier and is arranged on this transparency carrier and the light with the opening portion of a part of exposing this transparency carrier covers pattern, and this opening portion has shape of stripes,Wherein, the light being formed by described light source comprises the first light and the second light,Wherein, described the first light by from forward direction break-in with the first surface refraction of prism pattern described in each and advance along the first view directions, andWherein, described the second light is by reflecting and advance along the second view directions with the second surface of prism pattern described in each from forward direction break-in.

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