For determining the system and method for data stream

For determining the system and method for data stream

  • CN 101,421,731 B
  • Filed: 02/16/2007
  • Issued: 11/23/2016
  • Est. Priority Date: 02/16/2006
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1. , for the method determining data stream, described method includes:

  • The storage device comprising one or more table, the limited quantity that each filling in the one or more table is listed are providedBit set, each bit set listed has and the equal ratio of bit set that specify before, that extract from packetSpecial number, and each bit set listed in the one or more table and the predtermined category that described packet can be dispatched toValue associates, or the instruction can not being classified with described packet associates;

    The bit set extracted from described packet specified before described is;

    extracting from described packet that (1) specifies is manyA set in individual bit set;

    And (2) include one or more bit, the one or more bit is not includedAny other bit set from described extract respectively specified;

    Receive packet;

    Extract from described packet and include the one or more bits specifying the bit set extracted;

    The bit set that the appointment extracted is extracted is input to described storage device, and the sets of bits of relatively described extractionOne or more, to determine in the bit set of the described limited quantity listed in set and the table of the highest significant position closedWhether one or more in the highest significant position of the bit set stating extraction mate in the bit set listed in the tableAt least one;

    In the highest significant position of the bit set mating described extraction based on the bit set listed in the table one orMultiple instructions determining whether described packet receives predetermined classification value or described packet can not be classified;

    When described packet can be assigned classification value, predetermined result or process are applied in described packet when determining according to described table;

    AndWhen determining that described packet can not be classified, continuation sequential processing is remaining from the packet received, appointment carriesThe bit set taken, until the bit set extracted mates bit set that have the classification value of assignment, that list in table, orPerson has been extracted the list item that all sets of bits extracted in described specified in packets merge with at least one table and has been comparedRelatively.

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